Boys Varsity Bowling · Cougars Earn SECTION CHAMPIONSHIP!

4 Carlynton Senior High School
3 Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School
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Away Home
Carlynton Senior High School vs Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School
4 3

Typically, you’ll discover three essential characteristics in most fairy tales: “Once upon a time”, a setting in a distant land, and evidence of imaginary or extraordinary characters. Hans Christian Anderson I am not, but our fairy tale season (ongoing and unfinished) reads something like this.

Once upon a time, our Carlynton Cougars Bowling team started the 18-19 right around Thanksgiving. Like bears out of hibernation, we were sluggish, yet eager to hunt. Roars of a section championship were set as a top priority. As we embarked on an unknown journey, an immediate signal was sent forth to the WPIBL league that Cougar Bowling is not a fictional dragon, like the Jaberwocky perhaps. 1,000 pins in the first game was the flare that placed this beast on the map.

We’ve traveled to distant lands, stopping at a lane made of coin (visit Sports Haven in Bridgeville if you don’t believe), a hospitable dungeon (only bc of the steps) at Crafton-Ingram Lanes, and even a paradise (it’s all in the name). At each stop, these fantastical beasts scrapped and clawed through fiery opponents. Bloodied, and on two occasions beaten, we were determined to slay a bowling juggernaut, Pittsburgh Central Catholic.

The WPIBL sent their fiercest Vikings to try and stop the Cougar brigade. Smashing 881 pins in the first game, our Cougars struck the first blow. The Vikings came back with 886 of their own in game 2, forcing a Game 3 to determine the section champs. The Cougars pounced on early opportunities in Game 3, but no lead is safe when battling this worthy foe. As the Vikings seemed poised to defeat the mighty Cougar beasts, Andrew Weimer and Matt Hilarzewski’s deadly one-two punch stunned an aggressive Viking attack. This set the stage for one of the best finishes in WPIBL history.

Relying on their anchor all season, the Cougar Brigade summoned their most ferocious leader, Gabe Prepelka. A perfectly flush ball, which should have knocked down every pin, netted only 9. Marking shortly after still left an opportunity open for the best bowler in the section to seal the deal for the Vikings. As the ball rolled effortlessly from the opponents fingers, a well trained eye certainly would predict the impending doom about to occur down lane. All of the sudden, Cougar Nation used its force field powers to stop the game ending strike. Gabe would then only need 6 pins on his last ball, and for good measure, took down 8! Hence therefor, your Carlynton Cougars EARNED the title of: SECTION CHAMPS!

We could not be more proud of all our student-athletes. We went into the bee’s nest, and exited with the honey! This fairy tale has not concluded, because the happiest of endings (state champs) has not been written. Congratulations gentlemen (and ladies for adding to our positive atmosphere)! Go forth proudly, knowing you’ve earned what most could not!