Cougars News · Electric Start for Both Girls and Boys Teams!

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Bishop Canevin High School vs Carlynton High School
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During these tumultuous times, the world calls upon our heroes. Thankfully, the many doctors, nurses, custodians, teachers, grocery workers, servers, and everyone in those respective industries are heeding the call. The Carlynton community is chock-full of such examples, who are stepping up and playing their roles, almost seamlessly. Guardians ensuring their kids log on, students tackling the online learning platform, teachers and administration navigating these awkward times, and our Carlynton Cougar Bowling Teams…bowling. Before the concept of bowling is dismissed as unimportant at the present moment, let me enlighten you with some positive examples from today’s match. Let it be a microcosm…a beacon of light…of what is going on all around our great nation!

Gwen Kalimon’s hard work over the off season (when lanes were open) came to fruition by rolling a Game 1 high, 161. She didn’t have to battle the elements and get to the lanes during these times, but she did. Although her biggest fan, Mom, could not be in attendance due to Covid restrictions, Gwen carried her mother’s calmness and strength with her, every roll. Shelby Palmer reminded us that we will prevail, after a subpar Game 1, she rebounded to earn a Game 2 pin count of 173. After a clean sweep, ALL of our girls were that shining light that we all need. Laughter, positivity, manners, kindness…they showed how important these things STILL are!

The Boys were exhibiting the exact same traits a few lanes over. Andrew Engleka took our minds off of the craziness surrounding us by starting his senior year with 5 strikes in a row, helping him net a whopping 234 in Game 1. Rylan Henry showed his grit with a cool 201. When both Ethan O’Brien (174) and Owen Schriver (PR 214) ended Game 2 powerfully, it was yet another moment in the power of persistence and determination. Both young men have been battling for Varsity spots for a couple seasons now, and today they both stepped up big time! Throughout the 3 games, light-hearted banter, friendly gestures, and downright coolness were on display.

We should be proud. Proud to call these student-athletes part of our community. Although it may be unfair to call them heroes to some, I for one think what all of our kids are doing these days is heroic. When there are so many examples of what is wrong with our world today, our children and young adults are striving to get back to normalcy. They aren’t throwing in any towel, they’re using it to wipe the oil off their ball. Our kids aren’t running from the challenges of today, they are analyzing the oil pattern and adjusting their throw.

This isn’t just bowling. This is life. Cougar Nation is fortunate to have student-athletes who are reminding us…our future is bright!